Ogasawara-ryu Arts "結ぶ、折る・包む"

Ogasawara-ryu Arts "結ぶ、折る・包む"


■Ogasawara-ryu Arts "結ぶ、折る・包む"


270mm X 190mm X 30mm

Folding and Wrapping "折る・包む": 80 pages

Knot Tying "結ぶ": 80 pages

ISBN 978-4-573-02129-7


■Ogasawara-ryu Arts (**********)

Paper back


52 pages

ISBN 978-4-990754-00-6



  • Product Info

    Set of three books; "Knot Tying" and "Folding and Wrapping" with English translation textbook.  
    "Knot Tying" introduces techniques of how to make traditional knots used by samurai. "Folding and Wrapping" shows how to fold paper for a special occasion and everyday use. These beautiful Japanese books come with English translation textbook.

    "Knot Tying"

    Agemaki-musubi/ Tombo-musubi/ Knots used to Decorate Armor/ Knots used for Yabusame/ Knots for Matrimonial Occasions/ Knots for Daily Use/ Knots for Garments/ Knots Basics/ Knot Tying - Essence and Basics/ Ogasawara-ryū History

    "Folding and Wrapping"

    Paper Folding for Noshi-sanbo/ Ai-gyo-no-mamori Wrapping/ Paper Folding for Matrimonial Occasions/ Paper Folding used during the Rite of Passage/ Paper Folding and Wrapping used for Engagement Ceremonies/ Paper Folding and Wrapping used for Armaments/ Paper Folding and Wrapping Basics/ Folding and Wrapping - Essence and Basics/ Ogasawara-ryū, Archery, and Mounted Archery