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Mounted Archery

Experience Ogasawara-ryu yabusame (mounted archery) at the Nikko Baji Center. The two-hour program includes a wooden horse experience and a yabusame experience on horseback. During the wooden horse experience, you will learn riding techniques, proper posture, and how to use the stirrups. You will also practice horse-riding exercises and arrow setting movements. In the horse riding experience, participants will learn how to tack up a horse in the ancient Japanese style and try their hand at yabusame on horseback. This valuable experience allows you to engage with traditional mounted archery techniques and culture.


The experience can be divided into 3 parts.

1. Ground training
The traditional method of warming up and leg strengthening exercise:
  - The way to hold and draw a Japanese bow 
  - How to load and reload arrows 

2. Wooden horse experience

Learn the basics of horse riding and archery on a stationary wooden horse, including:

   - Mounting and dismounting techniques

   - Proper riding posture

   - Use of stirrups

   - Riding exercises

   - Arrow setting movements


3. Mounted archery experience on horseback

Experience the traditional Japanese mounted archery, Yabusame, on a real horse with guidance from an expert instructor. This includes:

   - Tacking up a horse

   - Practicing Yabusame under controlled conditions


Other Information:

  • Language: The course is conducted in English.

  • Equipment: All necessary equipment, including bows and arrows, is provided.

  • Experience Level: No prior riding experience is required.

  • Participant Limit: The maximum number of participants is 15.

  • Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement is 6 years, and children’s participation needs to be indicated at the time of application.

  • Health Concerns: Those with physical concerns, such as back, shoulder, or knee pain, should consult before booking.

  • Safety: Participants are required to follow the instructor's safety instructions.

  • Clothing Requirement: 

     - Please wear loose-fitting full-length pants such as track pants, jeans, etc., allowing for deep bends at the knees and waist and spreading your legs wide apart. No shorts or dresses, please.
     - For Kyudo practitioners, please feel free to wear your keiko-gi, complete with obi, hakama, tabi, and seta sandals.


Nikko Baji Center

2844-1 Tokorono, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1421, Japan


Approximately 2 km from JR Nikko and Tobu Nikko Stations to the Nikko Baji Center.


By Taxi: 5 mins.

By Bus: Take the bus from JR Nikko Station to Kirifuri Kogen, get off at Marumi stop 93, and walk 6 minutes (550 m).

On foot: Approximately 30 mins (with a steep ascent).


19,000 yen per person

Optional Services

 Interpreter: Available for languages other than English.

Prices vary depending on the language. Please indicate your preferred language at the time of application, and we will provide you with the price.


Please click the link below and complete the form to make a booking.

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