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Ogasawara-ryū Etiquette for Washoku

Ogasawara-ryū Etiquette for Washoku

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38 pages

ISBN 978-4-990754-03-7

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    Although this book is written for the children, this is the book for every person who would like to know the proper Japanese table manners.

    This book is written by Ogasawara Kiyotada, the 31st generation headmaster of the Ogasawara-ryū and his wife Junko. Ogasawara-family was instructors of etiquette to the house of Shoguns for centuries.


    ■Chapter 1 Eating and Etiquette
    ・Eating meals with proper etiquette is the start of Rei 
    ・In the Meiji Era, etiquette was taught in elementary schools
    ・Washoku is the food culture of Japan; it has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

    ■Chapter 2 Table Manners
    ・How to hold chopsticks properly
    ・Using Japanese dishes
    ・How to enjoy meals
    ・Things to avoid when using chopsticks
    ・What to be mindful of when you eat

    ■Chapter 3 Tea Time Etiquette
    ・How to serve and enjoy tea and teacakes

    ■Chapter 4 About Ogasawara family history

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