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DVD Ogasawara-ryu Reiho -Conduct of the Samurai-

DVD Ogasawara-ryu Reiho -Conduct of the Samurai-

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2 Discs (Disc 1: Basics; Disc 2: Applications)

Easy to understand even for the beginners to the Ogasawara-ryu Reiho.

Language: Japanese, English

DVD format: NTSC

Region codes: All

  • Product Info

    This DVD is for anyone who would like to understand proper Japanese etiquette based on Samurai code of conduct.  The Ogasawara-ryu Reiho is a traditional system of etiquette continuing for 850 years, taught to generations of Shōgun and warriors.



    Disc 1: Basics; About the Ogasawara-ryu, Posture, Standing and Sitting, Bowing, Walking, Moving While Kneeling, Turning, Opening and Closing Fusuma, Bowing when Passing Someone, Bowing when Paths Cross

    Disc 2: Applications; Things to Keep in Mind for Visitation (Japanese Style Rooms Western Style Rooms), Entranceway Etiquette, Presenting and Receiving Refreshments, Sitting on Zabuton, Handling Furoshiki and Handing over Gifts, Sitting on Chairs, Table Manners, Funeral Etiquette, Flower Offering, Wrapping

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