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“The Society to Support Ogasawara-ryū” (Ogasawara-ryū NPO) was recognized as a Group Contributing to the Public Benefit by Kanagawa Prefecture in 2017 and became a certified NPO (non-profit organization).


To pass on Ogasawara-ryū to future generations, we need the help of many different people. We humbly request your assistance in helping us protect traditions passed down since the Kamakura period through donations, and your participation in activities to utilize these traditions in the modern world.

Your support will only be used to pass on Ogasawara-ryū. How every donation we receive is used is fully laid out in our financial settlement reports.

Your donation will:

  1. Help to promote Ogasawara-ryū through workshops, lectures, and online seminars.

  2. Keep maintaining ongoing rituals, which have continued for 850 years.

  3. Maintain and care for the Kyojo (training hall), weapons, and equipment handed down in the Ogasawara family.

  4. Help translate publications into English.

Please contact us if you need further information.


Director, Ogasawara-ryū NPO

Ogasawara Kiyomoto

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