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Kiyomoto Ogasawara

The weekend online class is open to everyone.

This is an interactive seminar using Zoom, where you can receive Ogasawara-ryū lessons from anywhere in the world.


You can join the class even if you don’t have any experience in martial arts, but even the most experienced martial artist will enjoy and deepen their knowledge. 

The lecture will be taught by the Ogasawara-ryū instructors, and on occasion Kiyomoto Ogasawara Sensei will teach as well.

Only a limited number of students are allowed, so that Sensei can interact with each student.

Preparations & Requests

Please check the following before starting the lessons.

  1. Install the Zoom app on your PC or smart phone.

  2. Please make sure that you take the course in a good internet connection environment.

  3. You will receive an invitation email when you apply for the class. If you don't receive it, please check your email junk folder.

  4. The class will be interactive, and Sensei will correct your posture or movement. Please place your camera so that your whole body can be seen for Sensei.



■Reihō Class (Ogasawara-ryu etiquette)【60 mins/lesson】

Ogasawara-ryū etiquette was taught to generations of Shoguns. It has become the foundation for all Japanese martial arts etiquette but it is also known as the best etiquette style in Japan.

There are seven Reihō classes in total. You will learn how to use and train your body through correct posture and movements.



  • You can join the course at any time however it is easier to start it from lesson 1.

  • It will be advisable to complete the whole course.

  • A certificate of achievement will be awarded on completion of the whole course.


1. Posture and Bowing

Learn the standing posture which is the base for the every body movements and also basic standing bow.


2. Bowing for different occasions

There are nine different bowing styles in Ogasawara-ryū used at different occasions.

Learn some of the bowing including sitting in Seiza style.


3. Standing and Sitting

Learn how to stand up and sit down from the Seiza and Kiza position. 


4. Walking

Learn different walking styles especially for Kyudo. 

5. Turning

Learn how to turn using your hip.


6. Handling the Objects

Learn proper handling of the objects by understanding its structure and function.


7. Overall Review Lesson 


■Kyudo Class 【60 mins/lesson】

You will learn the basic Kyudo body movement (Taihai) of the Ogasawara-ryū style.

There are four classes in total and it is advisable to complete the whole course.



  • You must take at least four classes out of seven Reihō classes to join this course.

  • This course is for people who practice Kyudo.

  • It is advisable to complete the whole course.


■Private Lesson (One on One lesson)【60 mins】

Either Reihō or Kyūjutsu, you can choose the topic and level you would like to learn from Ogasawara Sensei or a senior member of the Kyojo.

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