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Ogasawara-ryū Etiquette for Washoku

Ogasawara-ryū Etiquette for Washoku


「小笠原流 和食の作法」の英語版です。



書籍サイズ:縦21cm X 横15cm



出版:一般財団法人 礼法弓術弓馬術小笠原流

  • 商品説明

    ■Chapter 1 Eating and Etiquette
    ・Eating meals with proper etiquette is the start of Rei
    ・In the Meiji Era, etiquette was taught in elementary schools
    ・Washoku is the food culture of Japan; it has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

    ■Chapter 2 Table Manners
    ・How to hold chopsticks properly
    ・Using Japanese dishes
    ・How to enjoy meals
    ・Things to avoid when using chopsticks
    ・What to be mindful of when you eat

    ■Chapter 3 Tea Time Etiquette
    ・How to serve and enjoy tea and teacakes

    ■Chapter 4 About Ogasawara family history

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