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Kiyotomo Ogasawara Lecture

The secrets of Ogasawara-ryū have been passed down from father to son for over 850 years. The lecture by Kiyomoto Ogasawara, heir to the Ogasawara household will give you special insight about true Samurai world. 
The topic and venue can be arranged to suits with the audience. The lecture will be done in Japanese, however optional interpretation would be available for your even deeper understanding.


■Exclusive lecture by Kiyomoto Ogasawara 120 min

*Subject of the lecture will be decided in advance with your request.

i.e. Archery and Shinto, What is Budo, Budo spirits in business life, The reason why Ogasawara-ryū keep going over 850 years. 


It is possible to held where you wish. I.e., your company, educational institution.

*Transportation and accommodation expenses will be charged separately if the lecture is held outside Kanagawa or Tokyo, Japan.

The price depends on the venue, subject of the lecture and number of participants.
Please fill in the provisional booking form and we will send an estimate.


Optional service

English interpreter

Have a benefit of better understanding with an experienced interpreter.


Please click the button below and complete the form.

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