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Length "a": 61 cm

Height "b": 48 cm



Length "a": 64 cm

Height "b": 51 cm


Please refer to the Illustration for sizes.

Please note that each item is handmade, so the size may vary slightly from one to another.


Made in Japan


※The photos are taking carefully to show the products in detail, however the colour may look different depending on the screen you are using.

  • Product Info

    The beautiful handmade Igote is worn when drawing the bow on horseback to keep the sleeve out of the way. It is the same one that is used by Ogasawara-ryu members.

    It is lined with linen to prevent slipping.
    The strap is made of deerskin and it may be coloured. The strings attached to the cuffs are decorative and do not go through the fabric.

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