31st Grand Master

Ogasawara Kiyotada

Ogasawara Nagakiyo founded Ogasawara-ryū over 830 years ago as a school of archery, mounted archery, and etiquette. The Ogasawara family served as instructors to generations of Shoguns in these disciplines. Ogasawara-ryū etiquette was taught to warriors across Japan as appropriate behaviour for those of samurai breeding, and became the foundation for martial arts etiquette. Yabusame is a traditional martial art featuring an archer firing at targets from a galloping horse, and has been performed as a religious ritual at Shinto shrines since ancient times.


The strong legs and excellent posture needed to skilfully fire a bow from a galloping horse are created by incorporating proper etiquette into daily life. The secrets of Ogasawara-ryū have been passed down from father to son throughout the centuries, and are preserved by the current and 31st generation head of the school, Ogasawara Kiyotada.

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