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【英語版】小笠原流結ぶ/折る・包む Ogasawara-ryu Arts

【英語版】小笠原流結ぶ/折る・包む Ogasawara-ryu Arts


Title:【英語版】小笠原流結ぶ/折る・包むOgasawara-ryu Arts Techniques of Display and Presentation from the Instructors of the House of the Shogun


  書籍サイズ:縦27cm X 横19cm


This book is the English edition of "Ogasawara-ryu Arts Techniques of Display and Presentation from the Instructor of the House of the Shogun". However, it is just translated from the text part of the book and it doesn't contain illustrations and pictures.

The following information is a translation of the original Japanese edition.


This book consists of 2 volumes which are chapter "Knot Tying" and chapter "Folding and Wrapping". Each volume introduces the way of traditional Knots, Folding and Wrapping with beautiful pictures. It has the pictures which people use Knot, Folding and Wrapping, the pictures of details, and illustration. Therefore it is easy to read. It is best as your ornamental book or the book introducing Japanese culture to international people.


"Knot Tying"

Agemaki-musubi/ Tombo-musubi/ Knots used to Decorate Armor/ Knots used for Yabusame/ Knots for Matrimonial Occasions/ Knots for Daily Use/ Knots for Garments/ Knots Basics/ Knot Tying - Essence and Basics/ Ogasawara-ryu History

"Folding and Wrapping"

Paper Folding for Noshi-sanbo/ Ai-gyo-no-mamori Wrapping/ Paper Folding for Matrimonial Occasions/ Paper Folding used during the Rite of Passage/ Paper Folding and Wrapping used for Engagement Ceremonies/ Paper Folding and Wrapping used for Armaments/ Paper Folding and Wrapping Basics/ Folding and Wrapping - Essence and Basics/ Ogasawara-ryu, Archery, and Mounted Archery

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