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Enjoy the lecture on Budo, try archery, and mounted archery at the Ogasawara-ryū Kyojo. This 120 minutes programme, you will learn basic idea of Budo and Ogasawara-ryū through the lecture, and hands on lesson for archery for all levels. You can also have mounted archery lesson using wooden horse which used for regular lessons by the Ogasawara-ryū members. 
Rental of all weapons, equipment, and clothes are included in the fee, however wearing special Yabusame clothes or old samurai kimono is optional choice.


■Introduction【30 min
■Basic Budo lecture【30 min
■Hands on archery lesson【30 min
■Hands on mounted archery lesson on a wooden horse【30 min


Ogasawara-ryū Kyojo

1-8-8 Minami Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

157-0062 JAPAN


Number of participants

Price per person

1 - 3
4 - 9
10 - 16


Optional service




Traditional outfits for Samurai from Kamakura period. Choose one from 3 types.


Special Yabusame outfit


Originally, it is the hunting outfit for Samurai from Kamakura period.

English interpreter


Have a benefit of better understanding with an experienced interpreter.


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